Salt and water

Brine is a salt solution, made by dissolving salt in water. It is used for a variety of purposes such as industrial cooling systems.

In many ways, brine is well defined and explored fluid, already seeing use in the food industry for fast cooling of fish and meats. Several projects have examined its properties, amongst them its specific heat capacity at different levels of salinity.
The best-case threshold for cooling brine without additives is -21°C, at lower temperatures than this, the brine begins to crystallize and freeze.

Advantages of Brine fluid Submersion

The examined method of cooling batteries in thermal runaway via Brine fluid submersion seem to show a very sharp cooldown curve for the tested battery pack samples. Any ongoing thermal runaway should be halted and spread of the runaway effect to adjacent batteries avoided.

Depending on the size of the battery, the threshold for thermal runaway is passed in a time between 38 seconds for the smallest powerpack and 73 seconds for the largest one. After this time, any ongoing thermal processes in cells which have already experienced runaway may continue a controlled burn until they burn through their fuel, but adjacent healthy cells should not be affected, and would therefore not contribute either fuel or thermal energy to the process. In all the tested cases, the settling temperature is below 0°C, meaning that the margin for error is large.
In the material, ongoing thermal processes have not been accounted for. A full, simultaneous burnout has instead been assumed.

Expanding Applications

Briner Technology has evolved from addressing EV battery fires to a versatile cooling solution for all electronic devices.

Recognizing the potential of briner technology, our engineers began to explore its use for cooling down and stopping electronic fires and thermal runaway in all devices. The high thermal conductivity and low freezing point of brine make it highly effective in rapidly extracting heat from devices, reducing the risk of fire and damage.

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